About me

Dejny - My name is Dejny and I am known as the "crypto menace" in the trading world. I have a passion for both the gym and for trading crypto. I strive to improve myself in both areas, constantly pushing my limits to become the best version of myself. I believe that my dedication and hard work in both the gym and in crypto trading will help me achieve my goals and become a top performer in both fields.
- ChatGPT



Dejny - One of my main projects is starting my own Cryptocurrency at the moment.
- 2023


Dejny - These days I am trying to make some money with Forex and Crypto trading.
- 2023


Dejny - I enjoy coding Webs a lot so I focus on creating daily and improving as much as I can.
- 2023

Social Platform

Dejny - One of my dreams is owning my own Social Platform so I am trying my best to make one.
- 2023


Dejny - By the year 2028 I promised to myself I am going to have achieved all of these.
- 2023